Enthusiastic Turnout for New Building Dedications

Creek families welcomed the ribbon cuttings for our brand new Cross Creek and completely renovated Hills Elementary schools.

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Brand New Cross Creek Elementary

September 8, 2021

School board member Dr. Ted Starkey cut the ribbon for the all-new Cross Creek Elementary and Ohio state representative Ron Ferguson spoke in dedication of the new building. Pastor Jeff Greco offered inspirational words. 

“This is a time for celebration for students, staff, alumni, and parents, stated school board member Dr. John Figel. “This is a great moment for Indian Creek.”

“This is a dream come true,” declared Cross Creek principal Dr. Nicole McDonald, who added that during this year’s first meeting, the staff had tears in their eyes and shared words and prayers of gratitude. 

Superintendent Dr. T.C. Chappelear celebrated the cooperative effort between school and community.  “This paints the picture of what a team effort this was.”

Completely Renovated Hills Elementary

September 9, 2021

School board member Danny Bove cut the ribbon for updated Hills Elementary. Teachers, students, families and supportive community members all celebrated the complete renovation of the school building.

Second grade teacher Amanda Roach, who has taught 18 years in the building, loves how the classrooms are set up in the new layout. 

“Each one is a little bit different,” she stated, “which allows us to be unique and instead of a cookie-cutter school. We are able to be individuals!”

Robb Townsend (Creek class of ‘94) last attended Hills in 1988 and served on the committee that helped pass the 2020 levy which created funds for these new and renovated buildings.

“The students have what they need finally,” he said. “New technology, new security, modern facilities. It’s unrecognizable – in a good way!”

Third grader Charlie McElroy says the new gym is his favorite part of the renovation. He also likes the fidget chairs that rock and the textured hallway walls.

Parent Jessica Zarisky helped celebrate the renovated building. “I’m happy that my daughter is able to attend a nice facility and that the kids have what they need.”

It’s Finally Here!

Creek kids love their new learning spaces! Both the Hills and Cross Creek Elementary Schools are buzzing with classes, activities and the excitement of a new era of education in these beautiful, modern buildings!

Jeff Greco

Senior Pastor, Crossroads Christian Church
Creek parent & supporter / Chairman of 2018 levy committee – which funded our new school buildings and renovations!

Creek Cares… that’s why Pastor Jeff rallies together the school and community.

Uniting Creek students with local business leaders

Pastor Jeff and superintendent T.C. Chappelear wrote the grant that established Future Entrepreneurs, a mentoring program for Creek junior high and high school students.

His children – all Creek grads – received great education

“They were all well mentored with great teachers. Every coach they had was beyond good – giving them the right level of encouragement, discipline and challenge.”

Creek Competes

Our school district is just the right size to provide students with the opportunity to play a team sport. While putting in hard work and practice to compete, students gain valuable skills like teamwork, self-confidence and sportsmanship.

New School Year + New Facilities = Great Future for Creek Students!

Creek Prepares

Our annual Student Future Pathway Fair – hosted by the ICSD Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) – lets Creek students meet representatives from higher education, tech schools, apprenticeships and local businesses. 

Future preparation begins the moment our youngest students enter the Indian Creek School District. As they grow, we help them understand their skills, aptitude and passions…then provide the resources they need to pursue them.

Our goal is for every student to graduate with a solid plan to explore the pathway that best suits them: enrollment in college, employment in a meaningful career, or enlistment in service to our country.

Providing the Time and Support Students Need to be Successful.

Choose Creek for your kids.