Another New School Building Coming Soon – and Other Reasons to Love Creek Schools!

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New Year, New High School Coming Soon!

It’s already been a thrilling school year with our two new elementary school buildings. Now, the new year brings more excitement with the upcoming spring grand opening of our spacious, two-story high school building.  The facilities include classrooms with collaboration spaces, a competition gymnasium, an estimated 700-seat auditorium, cafeteria/commons area, café-style library and band room. 

Creek has always had great teachers, the newest curriculum and a passion for teaching our children. Now it’s happening in new and updated school buildings across the district.

Want the Best for Your Children?

Creek is the way to go. We are just the right size – able to give each student the personalized attention they need – with all the programs that empower students to climb as high as they want!

Rachel Bodo

Intervention Specialist (K-4) | Wintersville Elementary | Creek class of ‘96

Rachel teams with two supporting paraprofessionals to educate students with emotional difficulties, autism and multiple disabilities. The new high school will feature a calming sensory room for the students to learn.

“I love what I do. Helping kids get over the hump and find breakthrough is the best. I thank the district. They are always there to listen. They respect the program.” 
Rachel Bodo, Intervention Specialist

Creek Gives ALL Students Options

Every Creek student is given options for the future. In November, nearly 500 freshmen through seniors made their way through the school gymnasium to visit nearly 20 representatives from universities, apprenticeships, the military and businesses. Whether they seek college, internship or job opportunities, there is something for all Creek students at this twice-a-year event organized by the Future Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). 

Creek Kids Participate!

The Indian Creek School District is just the right size for students to get really involved in nearly any activity they want. With personalized attention from passionate teachers, coaches and advisors, Creek kids enjoy the friendships and accomplishments in our many extra-curricular activities for all grades.

#CreekPrepares ALL Students for the Future – No matter which path they choose.

Creek’s Career Pathway Success Plan is a binder that begins for every student in 6th grade. With input from the student, parents/guardians and teacher, this organizer helps students understand their skills, aptitude and passions.

Our goal is for every student to graduate with a solid plan to enroll in college or other training, be employed in a career profession or enlist in the military.


For college bound students, Creek offers students opportunities to earn credits while still in high school in College Credit Plus. Creek also provides ACT/SAT preparation and tutoring and other college admissions support.


Creek offers career technical options that include: Information Technology, Interactive Media, Business and Administrative Services, Engineering and Science Technologies and more.


Creek educators help students at every level continually develop skills, habits and attitudes that can contribute to their success – regardless of where their life journeys take them. For many students, this aptitude is perfect for military enlistment, where they continue learning, seeing the world, and proudly serving our country.

Providing the Time and Support Students Need to be Successful.

Choose Creek for your kids.