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ICHS Spearheading Hellbender Program

Creek Holds NAMI Training

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ICMS Teacher Awarded MAC Grant

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ICHS Spearheading Hellbender Program

Indian Creek High School is now the only public school in Ohio to assist in saving an endangered species. ICHS is collaborating with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Toledo Zoo and the Columbus Zoo to raise a hellbender salamander and study the amphibian before releasing it into the wild. The school is also working in conjunction with the Jefferson County Soil and Water Conservation District (JCSWCD) and leaders said it will be a cross-curriculum program that could benefit all of the schools. ICHS students will forage for natural food for the hellbender and have a live stream for the public to view. Mr. Moffat’s graphic design class will create logos for the program.

Last year, Assistant Principal Keith Swearingen spoke with science teacher Crystal Fluharty after she had worked with the JCSWCD to raise quail and spurred her to action. “I never thought [our discussion] would go beyond that,” Swearingen said. “We started the process and made contacts with Soil and Water and the state.” ICHS plans to keep the hellbender at ICHS for three years while students tend to the animal and collect data that will ultimately be used for professional research.

Creek Holds NAMI Training

Educators and administrators are now prepared to support students and staff at a deeper level after undergoing mental health and first aid training with officials from the National Alliance of Mental Illness, or, NAMI. This is the first time the program has been conducted in Indian Creek. “We’ve never had this before and we’re excited about it,” Superintendent Dr. T.C. Chappelear said. “The staff and students’ mental health is very important to us and we want to equip them with the tools to ensure good mental health.” He added that a similar program will be held this spring to focus on the students so they can support their peers.

Local mental health services and helplines are available.

Call Coleman Health Services Crisis Number for Jefferson County at (740) 996-7127, text “NAMI” at 741-741, or call or text the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988.

Indian Creek Foundation Raising Awareness

The Indian Creek Foundation is moving forward with new members and a vision to create more awareness within the community. Jennifer Barnett and Isaac Foldi joined Pastor Jeff Greco, E.J. Conn, Kitty Ferguson, and Tim Copeland as the Foundation’s newest trustees. The Foundation was established in 2002 and has awarded well over $100,000 since its inception. The organization also acts as the managing entity for scholarships awarded on Senior Night, overseeing bequests and other contributions and working with local investment and accounting firms to remain solvent. The foundation program operates six scholarships and manages finances for another dozen, but the organization is also little known—and that’s something officials hope to change. 

This year, the Foundation will host Reverse Raffle 2023, a fundraising event, on April 21st at the Mingo Junction Knights of Columbus Hall. This event has raised approximately $10,000 annually for scholarships and educational equipment and programming. Among them were the purchase of new 3D printers and the sponsorship of a student in the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Program.

Why Choose Creek for Your Child

With new facilities designed for learning and engagement and a team of committed teachers and staff, Indian Creek is the best place for your child to grow and excel.

  • The right size for personalized attention
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Comfortable setting
  • Rooms for group-based learning

All of this helps Creek students thrive in the classroom and beyond!

ICMS Teacher Awarded MAC Grant

Jane Bennett, a 5th-grade English teacher at Indian Creek Middle School, was awarded a $500 Make Activities Count (MAC) Grant for Teachers award by McDonald’s Director of Operations Shawna Grimm and Chief Strategy Officer Josh Barnett, representing franchisee Tomtreyco, Inc., of Uniontown, Ohio. Mrs. Bennett intends to use the grant to fund a character-building program and reward pupils who are recognized as ICMS Student of the Month. 

 “I’m excited and surprised,” Bennett said, noting that it was her third such award. Bennett used her previous allocations to acquire and distribute school supplies for low-income students and create a “Sunshine Cart” to provide pick-me-ups for teachers through one of her student organizations. The latest allotment will promote positive character skills among the student population.

“We do a lot working with kids,” she said. “We have a student of the week and pick a character trait, and then a teacher nominates a student [based on that trait]. We then have a drawing for student of the month and they get a $10 gift card. Now I can probably do more [with the MAC Grant].” We are so proud of you, Mrs. Bennett. Keep up the good work!

Teacher Spotlight

We are proud to welcome and honor Amber Scott, Cross Creek Elementary School’s newest Intervention Specialist! This is her first year with Indian Creek Local School District and her first year back as an intervention specialist since 2012. She coached high school softball for 18 years and middle school volleyball for 6 years. We are so glad she’s joined us! She loves working with children and is motivated by watching her students meet their goals, make progress, and grow. In her opinion, Indian Creek Local School District is “a district that goes above and beyond to accommodate the students and their needs. The new facilities and updates are amazing and address the students.” Mrs. Scott wants students to remember not to give up because “If we don’t try, we won’t make mistakes to learn from. Everybody makes mistakes!” 


Mrs. Scott is amazed by the support she has received from her colleagues and administrators. She will never forget “The friendships I have made with staff, former students, and players. When I first started teaching years ago, I met Phyllis Ferris, an Intervention Specialist who worked for many years before retiring from Indian Creek. She was a great mentor. She introduced me to Orton-Gillingham and taught me a lot. She was a phenomenal teacher who really made an impact on me as a teacher.” Mrs. Scott loves Indian Creek and we love her! We are so grateful to have her on our team. Welcome, Mrs. Scott!


#CreekPrepares All Students for the Future – No matter which path they choose.

Creek’s Career Pathway Success Plan is a binder that begins for every student in 6th grade. With input from the student, parents/guardians and teacher, this organizer helps students understand their skills, aptitude and passions.

Our goal is for every student to graduate with a solid plan to enroll in college or other training, be employed in a career profession or enlist in the military.


For college bound students, Creek offers students opportunities to earn credits while still in high school in College Credit Plus. Creek also provides ACT/SAT preparation and tutoring and other college admissions support.


Creek offers career technical options that include: Information Technology, Interactive Media, Business and Administrative Services, Engineering and Science Technologies and more.


Creek educators help students at every level continually develop skills, habits and attitudes that can contribute to their success – regardless of where their life journeys take them. For many students, this aptitude is perfect for military enlistment, where they continue learning, seeing the world, and proudly serving our country.

Providing the Time and Support Students Need to be Successful.

Choose Creek for your kids.